Research & Development

Cell Line Engineering:

Enzene’s Cell Line Engineering (CLE) department consists of dedicated team of scientist and researchers working towards the development of high expressing production grade microbial strains and mammalian cell line. Using latest/cutting edge technologies from the field of molecular biology and cell line development, high expression vector and host system are developed in this lab



  • Development – Successfully developed high expressing microbial cell lines with products ready to enter Clinical phase
  • Design and development of high expression vector host system.
  • Developed proprietary CHO cell lines for high expression of mAbs in Fed-Batch and Perfusion processes.
  • High throughput screening and automated Clone Selection with Process optimization in scalable miniature bioreactors
  • Development of automated solutions for key stages within the cell line development workflow



CLE lab is equipped with world class infrastructure and cutting edge equipment’s -

  • Fully automated clone selection systems like ClonePix 2 System.
  • BSL Class II Biosafety cabinets
  • CO2 incubators
  • Latest qPCR and PCR systems.
  • Automated Cell imaging system.
  • Automated spectrophotometer for DNA, RNA and protein quantification
  • Bioinformatics software and tools