Research & Development

Peptide Synthesis:

The peptide synthesis team at Enzene has extensive experience in the development of peptide products from milligram to gram scale. We have various platforms, which include liquid phase, solid phase and automated peptide synthesis. Our activities include designing novel synthesis and purification technologies for peptides. Developing long chain peptides (upto 40 aa), modified peptides, cyclic peptides, disulphide bridged peptides and complex peptide mixtures.We also have various modification platforms PEGylation,Biotinylation, FITC labeling, phosphorylation, methylation, acetylation, amidation & conjugation. We have successfully transferred peptide synthesis process of upto kilogram scale for GMP manufacturing of therapeutic peptides.


  • Designing of the therapeutic peptide.
  • Synthesis of peptides by solid phase method.
  • Development of the peptides from milligram to gram scale.
  • Process development for the synthetic peptide with higher quality.
  • Analysis of the peptide by HPLC and LCMS.
  • Purification of the different type method by Preparative HPLC by using the various types of column.
  • Method development for purification.
  • Lyophilization of pure peptide.
  • Scale up and tech transfer of process for Kg scale manufacturing.


  • Complete Peptide synthesis facility.
  • Automated peptide synthesizer (Sonata, Protein Technologies, Inc).
  • Manual peptide synthesis reactor 100 ml to 2 Lit.
  • Analytical HPLC.
  • Preparative HPLC (Hanbon, Flow 300 ml/min).
  • Vaccum tray drier
  • Lyophilizer
  • Storage facility at -200 C for Amino acid and pure peptide.