Research & Development

Upstream Process Development (UPD)

Enzene Upstream Process Development (UPD) team has extensive experience in the development, characterization and scale-up of a wide range of therapeutic proteins. These include recombinant monoclonal antibodies, antibody fragments and fusion proteins based on microbial and mammalian platforms. We are committed to develop continuous bioprocesses for mammalian cell based products using perfusion technology.


  • Process & Product development initiatives are built to exacting standards of safety, yield and cost-effectiveness.
  • Development of bench-scale process and scale-up for upstream of recombinant proteins from micro bialand mammalian systems.
  • Scale down model and process characterization.
  • Continuous bioprocessing using perfusion systems with connection to continuous purification.
  • DoE based approach for process development
  • Scale-up of processes upto 50L.
  • Evaluation of the techno-economic viability of the processes.

We use latest equipment in our facility to achieve the high degree of accuracy and quality needed, supported by world class infrastructure, such as

  • Fully automated fermenter/bioreactor systems from 1L to 50L scale:
  • Advanced high through-put system(Ambr250) for clone evaluation, process development and characterization
  • Cell retention devices (ATF2 and ATF4)